daPino serves summer on a plate with a flurry of colours, freshness and many new flavours for you to experience the season on your taste buds. The new seasonal pizzas are prepared, as usual, with carefully selected, fresh and authentic ingredients, passionately combined with a pinch of imagination to serve you very authentic gourmet and summer flavours.

In full respect of nature, Pino always selects the fresh ingredients from different areas in Italy where excellence is the key word: PDO cheeses, Parma ham, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Tropea onion and Taggiasche olives thus become flavour agents on a light and digestible pizza base for you to enjoy our new flavours.

Inviting and delightful, the Romagnola pizza will surprise you with the delicacy of PDO Casatella and the excellence of Parma ham prepared for 24 months, placed on a light and fragrant dough. Then there is the Mediterranea pizza, a true summer celebration with fresh ingredients, where the freshness of the PDO buffalo Mozzarella equals the quality of the Datterino tomatoes, Taggiasche olives, rosemary, basil and a drop of virgin olive oil. For the most delicious of all, do not miss out on the Burrata Pugliese pizza where the softness of this cheese, rich in milk, butter and cream, blends perfectly with the sweetness of raw Parma ham, or the Stracciatella pizza, a speciality for real connoisseurs with Datterino tomato, Tagliasche olives and fresh Burrato that melts in your mouth at each bite. Finally, those who love the finest flavours even in the summer can’t miss out on the Atene pizza, with Greek feta cheese, Taggiasche olives and the sweet nuance of Tropea onion.

We are waiting for you at all of our daPino pizzerias to surprise you with the tastiest side of summer.