The daPino restaurants-pizzerias are the perfect place to enjoy an unforgettable experience through the scents of the four seasons. The generosity of the land and the sea provides throughout the year continuously changing aromas and flavours, with exquisite ingredients that can only be appreciated if picked during the right season and freshly prepared.

With full respect for nature, daPino offers seasonal specialties every day, made only with carefully selected raw materials, always fresh and of the highest quality. That’s why the lovers of Capricciosa and Quattro Stagioni will have to wait for the next Autumn/Winter to taste again all the fresh goodness of the artichokes used for our magic and flavourful preparations.

Starting today, Monday 18 February, daPino days goodbye to this special winter vegetable, a strong ally of wellbeing, to make room for new emotions and flavours.

Because daPino’s taste always follows the rhythm of Nature. Since 1972!

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