For this summer we have created special pizzas, but with the same hallmark lightness and fragrance. We have chosen for you only the highest quality, genuine ingredients: PDO cheese, cured Parma ham, exclusively Extra Virgin Olive oil, Taggiasca olives, and rare, refined Tropea onions. We choose these ingredients firstly because they are the best and make our pizzas even more appetising, but most of all because we want to offer you the best. What does it mean when a cheese is termed DOP in Italian? It means that it is a product with protected designation of origin (PDO in English). These are foodstuffs with special, unmistakeable and unique characteristics that depend exclusively on the combination of the area in which they are produced with human and natural factors (like climate, water and soil). Here are some of the ingredients chosen for this summer:
Casatella DOP: a soft cheese that melts in your mouth with the smell of fresh milk and the typical sweet taste of milk with a hint of acidity. It has a tight production time: a maximum of 48 hours from collecting the milk to the cheese-making process, using only cow’s milk. Try the pizza Romagnola which combines Casatella DOP with Parma ham seasoned for 24 months.
Mozzarella di Bufala DOP: everyone knows this fresh cheese made with the “pasta filata” (stretched curd) method, produced exclusively from buffalo milk which is very different from other types of milk since it is rich in proteins, fat and calcium. The controlled production follows specific processes to transform the whey into this product with its unmistakeable flavour. This is why we have used it as the main ingredient on the pizza Mediterranea topped with all raw ingredients. The freshness of the buffalo mozzarella combined with cherry tomatoes and Taggiasca olives makes this pizza really delicate and tasty.
Burrata: this fresh cheese with its characteristic soft, stringy consistency is famous for its milk, butter and cream centre known as stracciatella. It originates in Apulia and the strictly artisan way it is made has remained unchanged over the years to give consumers a cheese product that is always fresh and full of flavour. What is the ideal combination to bring out its flavour? Burrata and cured ham. Try it together on the pizza Burrata Pugliese: you will fall in love with it.
And for true food lovers, we have created the pizza Stracciatella with cherry tomatoes, Taggiasca olives and the heart of the burrata; fresh stracciatella.
Cured Parma ham: a symbol of Made in Italy products around the world, this ham is characterised by its sweet, yet savoury flavour created by the skilled hands of experienced salt-curers. It is excellent on its own, but perfect on pizzas making them even more impressive.
For anyone who loves strong flavours even in the summer, you should try the pizza Atene with Greek feta, Taggiasca olives topped with Tropea onions for an explosion of flavours right down to the very last bite!
Summer has arrived and we look forward to welcoming you to one of our pizza restaurants.

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