Starting today, all da Pino pizzeria and restaurants will feature taste and well-being in the form of an artichoke, with many new magic flavours. From the “Violetto di Toscana” to the the “Mammolo romano”, the artichoke is a very tasty vegetable, already consumed by the Greeks and Romans, which boasts many beneficial properties for our body.

Indeed, cynarin, a polyphenol derivative of caffeic acid and largely present in artichokes, can contribute significantly to the health of the liver and kidneys, but not only. Artichokes also boast detoxifying, purifying, digestive, diuretic and draining properties. Moreover, they are rich in numerous other substances important for our body. Some examples? Carbohydrates, proteins, fibres, lots of water, potassium, zinc, calcium, copper, sodium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, manganese and vitamins.

Did we convince you? This is indeed a special vegetable, carefully selected by Pino himself who chooses only the best artichokes for his customers. The best and freshest ones are accurately cleaned and cooked in the oven by the daPino chefs and then are used as a precious ingredient to fill with taste five new light and fragrant specialties.

Try Carciofi e Salamella Trevigiana, a hymn to autumn flavours where the aroma of artichokes is impeccably combined with the strong taste of this typical salami. A must is also Carciofi e Casatella Trevigiana PDO, perfect for fans of this delicious soft cheese that blends well with the aroma of seasonal vegetables. Delicate and surprising is Carciofi e Tonno delle Azzorre: let yourself be tempted by this new combination, you will be entirely captured! To conclude the ouverture of tasty novelties, the classic Carciofi e prosciutto cotto, Carciofi freschi cotti al forno (fresh baked artichokes), Capricciosa and Quattro stagioni for those who do not renounce the sublime flavours of perfect and genuine simplicity.

In conclusion, taste and well-being in the shape of an artichoke await you in all da Pino pizzeria and restaurants to surprise your palate once again with authentic and tasty emotions.

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