The first autumn rains fall, the leaves crunch under our feet and the first colds days invite us to rediscover the pleasure of good seasonal food with new gifts from the forest brought by a generous nature: together with chanterelles, we welcome the Chiodini mushrooms.

With a delicate and aromatic taste, they are very slender and have a nail-shaped head, hence the name, while their colour varies according to the tree that hosts them. They can take on different nuances ranging from honey yellow if grown on mulberries, to dark yellow on oaks, to reddish on conifers. Tasting them is a delectable pleasure: sautéed, grilled or preserved in oil, they are appreciated by everyone. However, they express their best on the inimitable lightness of the daPino pizzas, in four new specialties, easily digestible and fragrant.

Leafing through the new seasonal menu, the first proposal that meets the eye is the Chiodini, Casatella and Soppressa, a white pizza with mozzarella, Casatella Trevigiana DOP, Chiodini and Soppressa. It will be an authentic triumph of delicious emotions thanks to the sweetness of the soft cheese and the flavour of the typical salami. Then we find the Chiodini, Scamorza and Pancetta, which is a classic tomato and mozzarella pizza with the addition of Chiodini mushrooms, scamorza cheese and bacon. Ideal for those who love more decisive tastes. The third version, Chiodini and Porchetta, is a timeless classic for connoisseurs of genuine flavours. Finally, the Chiodini and Reggiano, with tomato, mozzarella, Chiodini and flakes of Reggiano cheese aged 24 months, for a truly exceptional combination of flavours.

Everything is ready in the daPino restaurants to satisfy your desire for autumnal tastes, including those based on Chiodini, Come and choose your new favourite specialty!

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