From today, all daPino restaurants will welcome you with the unmistakable scent of Finferli, the first forest product with their typical golden yellow colour and intense taste. Because in daPino pizzeria restaurants the magic of taste always follows the rhythm of Nature, offering you every day exclusive preparations in step with the seasons.

These mushrooms, also known as ‘gallinacci’ or ‘gialletti’, exquisite gifts of the forest, are the undisputed protagonists of our new seasonal pizzas, offered through three delicious proposals: the Cortina with mozzarella, porchetta from Treviso and Casatella Trevigiana DOP is the undisputed choice for those looking for new combinations; the Dolomiti, with Pramstahler 6-month speck and scamorza, will undoubtedly conquer the palate of those who love stronger flavours; finally, the Alpina with mozzarella, soppressa and asiago is a specialty able to exalt even more the scent and taste of these highly appreciated mushrooms.

So many genuine and surprising compositions that, combined with the inimitable lightness of a tasty base made with 100% Italian flour, tickle the taste buds of every gourmet.

Come and discover them in your town’s da Pino pizzeria: a single bite will be enough to take you back to a world of authentic flavours.


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