At da Pino the magic of taste is renewed in the name of a new lightness that has the smell of summer. In fact starting today in all our pizzeria restaurants you can enjoy the new seasonal specialties a few weeks in advance: true masterpieces of goodness where the White Art is skillfully combined with new colors and fresh flavors combined with passion and a pinch of fantasy to give you moments of authentic pleasure also in the summer. Because at daPino’s taste is an emotion that carefully follows the constant flow of the seasons. In full respect of nature, in fact, our pizza chefs offer seasonal specialties every day, made only with carefully selected raw materials, always fresh and of the highest quality, coming from different areas devoted to excellence: D.O.P (Protected Designation of Origin) cheeses, Parma prosciutto (Italian dry-cured ham), Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Red Onion and Cailletier Olives thus become protagonists on a light and highly digestible base for new emotions of flavor.

Leafing through the new menu, our journey through authentic flavors starts with a real tribute to the new season, the Mediterranea pizza, with all raw ingredients, where the freshness of the Buffalo DOP mozzarella meets the quality of the cherry tomato, Cailletier olives , rosemary, basil and a “C” of extra virgin olive oil. For the gourmand do not miss the Burrata Pugliese pizza where the softness of this cheese with a heart of milk, butter and cream goes perfectly with the sweetness of Parma prosciutto (dry-cured ham). How can you resist the Stracciatella pizza? An unsurpassable goodness that with its elegant delicacy will transport you to a delicious whirlwind of flavors including cherry tomatoes, Cailletier olives and the heart of the burrata, fresh stracciatella. Inviting and tasty, the Romagnola pizza will surprise you with the delicacy of the Casatella PDO and the excellence of the Parma prosciutto (dry-cured ham) aged 24 months. Finally, our gourmet itinerary ends with the Atene pizza, a real invitation to enjoy the lightness of summer with Greek feta, Cailletier olives and the sweet note of the red onion.

At da Pino’s the summer has already begun and we are ready to churn out your new seasonal specialty in all our locations, we will be waiting for you.

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