Thanks to its red leaves, it colors autumn tables and that of Treviso is an PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) that is rightly included among the excellence of the territory. We are taking about the Red Radicchio, considered the King of radicchio from the most due to its elongated shape, its silky leaves and its large and white central rib. Crispy, rich in vitamins, fiber and mineral salts, it conquers the palate for its bitter taste and is used to prepare tasty and refined dishes.

That’s why Pino, always attentive to the rhythm of the seasons and the high quality of the ingredients, chooses this product now famous all over the world for new, light and fragrant emotions of flavor. From today in all the daPino restaurants, you can in fact taste new autumn specialties such as the inevitable Radicchio, with tomato, mozzarella and Radicchio di Treviso, for those who do not renounce to the more traditional flavors of the tradition. Leafing through our Carta dei Sapori, you will find the Radicchio e Salamella and the Radicchio e Soppressa, an authentic invitation to appreciate the more determined flavors of two typical cured meats of the Treviso area that harmonize perfectly with the aromatic and delicate bouquet of Red Radicchio. Finally, two other incredible proposals for cheese lovers, such as the delicate and refined Radicchio e Casatella, and the tasty and unforgettable Radicchio e Formaggi (cheeses).

Everything is ready, we are waiting for you at daPino of your city with the tastiest Red Flower for new flavor spells.

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