When taste follows nature’s pace

A journey through the scents of the four seasons

The goodness of the land and the sea offers throughout the year different flavours, exquisite peculiarities that can be appreciated only if picked during the season and freshly prepared. In full respect of nature, seasonal specialties are always guaranteed and made only with fresh raw quality and controlled materials.


Autumn has been synonymous of mushrooms, which are woods precious gifts, that tickle  the palate of every gourmand.  The starring role in new seasonal pizza are chantelleres! These mushrooms so savoury , with a delicious aroma, are combined with traditional flavours to enhance their taste. On the light and digestible pizza base, characteristic of all daPino’s pizzas, the chanterelles are available in three delicious new versions. Two white pizzas: one, Cortina, with mozzarella cheese, Porchetta trevigiana and Casatella Trevigiana PDO, an inedit taste. The second one, Alpina, is with mozzarella and soppressa, to bring out even more scent and flavour. The third version is Dolomiti with Speck Pramstahler six months and Scamorza, a smoked Italian cheese, for strong flavours lovers.



Highly appreciated for their delicate, aromatic flavour, honey mushrooms have a very characteristic appearance. Indeed, they have a soaring shape and a nail-shaped head, hence their name in Italian. Their inviting aroma and how easily they can be combined with different flavours make them perfect for the four new seasonal pizzas: the first is the Chiodini, Casatella e Soppressa, a white pizza with mozzarella, Casatella Trevigiana PDO cheese, honey mushrooms and aged Italian salami. A winning combination thanks to the sweetness of the soft cheese with the typical salami flavour. The second variant, Chiodini, Scamorza e Pancetta, includes the classic tomato and mozzarella, with an addition of honey mushrooms, mild white cheese and bacon. Perfect for those who love strong flavours. The third version, Chiodini e Porchetta, is the non-plus ultra for those who love authentic flavours. Finally, the fourth offer is Chiodini e Reggiano: tomato, mozzarella, honey mushrooms and shavings of 24-month aged Parmigiano Reggiano PDO cheese. A truly delicious combination.



In keeping with its commitment to seasonal produce, daPino is pleased now to offer its customers a range of pizzas with Radicchio Rosso. This truly unique vegetable is the jewel in the crown of the agricultural culture of Treviso. Red Radicchio is a variety of chicory, its leaves are deep, dark red with white veining. Its texture is crunchy and its flavour is deliciously bitterish, absolutely unmistakeable. It is called radìcio spadón in the local dialect because of its tapered shape rather like a sword (“spada” in Italian). The radicchio of Treviso is well-known all over the world for its outstanding quality, which is the fruit of a complex production procedure laid down by the Consorzio Tutela Radicchio Rosso di Treviso (the official producers’ association), which also applies to the early variety that starts to appear on our tables in October. Fresh and delicate, in addition to being good to eat radicchio is also good for our health. It goes perfectly with all kinds of dishes: perfect with strong flavours such as local speciality cheeses and charcuterie, e.g. salamella or sopressa, which enhance its subtle tastes of bitterness and spring water. It is equally enjoyable when matched with more sophisticated flavours to highlight its sweet, fragrant notes. DaPino’s radicchio pizza selection includes a classic RADICCHIO: daPino’s special crisp, fragrant pizza base topped with tomato, mozzarella and radicchio in a celebration of simple flavours. Those who prefer stronger tastes have the choice of RADICCHIO & SALAMELLA or RADICCHIO & SOPRESSA. These two speciality pork products from the Treviso area go perfectly with the delicate, astringent flavours of Radicchio Rosso. Cheese fans have the further choice of two more wonderful pizzas: RADICCHIO & CASATELLA, delicate and elegant, or RADICCHIO & FORMAGGI, full of tangy flavours.


White and green asparagus. The full taste of lightness.

Fresh, genuine and with a very distinguished taste. Known as one of the most characteristic products of Italian agriculture, white and green asparagus are the protagonists of this season’s daPino pizzas. They come in several varieties. Their green, white or violet colour depends on the growing conditions, specifically their exposure to light. White asparagus, in fact, grows entirely underground, and that is the reason for their typical delicate and fine flavour. Then there is the violet variety, with a fruity flavour, somehow bitterish, which sprouts above the ground and carries out the photosynthesis, assuming its characteristic colour. Finally, the green asparagus sprouts in the sunlight, like its violet “brother”, has a marked flavour and the bud has a sweet taste. The really important thing about these vegetables is that they must be harvested while their are soft, because if the harvest is delayed they lose their flavour and tenderness. Our experts know this well and do not miss the opportunity to always choose the youngest asparagus, which are most suitable to accompany the fragrant and light base of daPino pizzas. The mix, as always, is perfect, due to its balanced and pleasant taste and the quality and originality of the selected combinations. Rich in fibres and mineral salts, white and green asparagus have a refined and delicate or more marked and intense taste, but in order to obtain the best results in the kitchen, you need to make sure that the stem is healthy, flexible and resistant to breakage, while the tip it must be intact and perfectly closed. Only after having carefully evaluated them, Pino accompanies them with rich flavours such as those of cheeses and typical cured meats. An example is Reggiano and smoked bacon, ingredients that, like few others, exalt the slightly aromatic scents of asparagus. You should also try ASPARAGUS AND TROPEA ONION, that enhances the most fragrant notes of the asparagus. Along with this original proposal, we suggest, of course, also the classic ASPARAGUS, the fragrant and light base of the incomparable daPino pizza, with tomato, mozzarella and asparagus, to pay homage to the simplicity of Spring. Continuing with the classics, you can choose ASPARAGUS AND EGGS, or opting for stronger tastes, try the unmissable combination between ASPARAGUS and SMOKED BACON.


A host of new flavours to celebrate the best and most colourful season of the year. The summer pizzas have arrived! Our usual hallmark passion, freshness and quality, but with delicious new summer ingredients. We have chosen specialities from different parts of Italy to bring you excellent pizzas. The crispy, light, easy-to-digest base of the pizza daPino is topped with PDO cheeses like Casatella and buffalo mozzarella combined with Parma ham matured for 24 months or strong flavours like Taggiasca olives and Greek feta.