Inaugurated in 1985, the pizza restaurant on the west street was the first facility opened by Giuseppe Giordano and fully embodies his philosophy. In fact, from the very beginning, Pino imagined his PIZZA, until then considered a basic consumer product, as a haute cuisine dish, for its presentation and above all for the attention to high quality ingredients. Pino’s philosophy can also be perceived in the choice of materials and the attention to detail of the furnishings of his premises, and not least, in the attention to beauty and artistic expressions, as testified by the frescoes and stuccoes created by Maestro Eremita and the other works on display in his pizzerias.

The enhancement and conservation works of the noble floors of the original building dating back to the early ‘900, went on for about a year, with care and attention to provide the comfort, privacy and intimacy that a family, a group of friends or a meeting with colleagues may require.

This commitment has made available to the connoisseurs of good pizza a hundred new seats in halls of different sizes, which will also be served by newly-hired waiters supporting the current staff.

We can say that from today, these spaces and the completeness and quality of the gastronomic offer, provide the city of Treviso with a great “Pizza House”, a renovated reference point where to enjoy the excellence of a simple but rich product that finds its maximum expression in the now famous Pizzalonga signed by Pino.

For more information and reservations do not hesitate to call us at 0422 303346.