Green, white, violet, pink and wild: many varieties of one of the most delicate and fragrant vegetables of the new season. Undisputed gastronomic symbol of the arrival of Spring, asparagus appear on the tables of all daPino restaurants, where today you can taste them in two different varieties: white, fine and delicate, and green with a stronger flavour. White asparagus sprout entirely underground, assuming their typical delicate and subtle flavour, while green asparagus, with a more marked aroma, sprout in the sunlight and their scent recalls that of the freshly cut grass.

However, many people do not know that asparagus, from the Greek “aspharagos” (bud), is not a fruit but the young shoot of the plant Asparagus officinalis which, if not harvested, will turn into a new stem. Known already in Roman times, Cato the Elder praised their characteristics, describing also the related planting techniques, while in France Louis XIV was so fond of them to raise an obelisk in Versailles in honour of the gardener who managed to cultivate them throughout the year.

But how can we recognise and select the best asparagus? Their tips are excellent indicators to evaluate their freshness. The leaves on the tips must be tightly closed and the whole tip must be straight and firm. The stems, however, must be turgid and without stains. Also the section is important: the stems must have a round and shape and not slightly flattened, almost oval. Another important criterion in the choice of asparagus is the crunchiness of the stem that, if bent, must break and not flex easily: in this case the asparagus has lost water and is not so fresh.

daPino uses these precious guidelines and selects for you the best white and green asparagus for new tasting emotions, always light and fragrant. Like the pizza with Asparagus and red onion, sweet and intriguing on the palate, or the classic Asparagus pizza, a real tribute to the simplicity of Spring with tomato, mozzarella and asparagus. To continue with the classics, you can also enjoy the inevitable Asparagus and eggs, while for those who do not resist stronger flavours, the combination of Asparagus and smoked pancetta is a must.

Is your mouth already watering? We are waiting for you in all daPino pizzerias to make you enjoy all the pleasure and lightness of Spring signed by daPino.


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