When there are shared values such as respect and safety, these two realities are found also at daPino, with its mission of lightness and the Mulino Rachello with its ancient Italian milling tradition, the result can only be an exclusive one: FarinaPino (Pino’s Flour), from a 100% Italian certified supply chain – ISO 22005, it confirms the vocation of the founder of the daPino pizzeria-restaurants, Giuseppe Giordano, for a healthy and safe diet.

A unique recipe of only Italian grains grown in the Rachello Oasis, pristine and protected areas between Friuli, Veneto and Tuscany with as many as 30 farms involved in its cultivation, where the respect for the natural resources is essential for a sustainable agriculture.

A “living” food that follows strict regulations, carefully controlled from the choice of the seeds to the milling by a team of expert agronomists, and worked with extreme wisdom through the most innovative technologies to preserve all the organoleptic and nutritional qualities.

A virtuous project that comes from a deep common conviction: a healthy and natural diet is the foundation to guarantee every day the perfect well-being of each individual, starting from bread and pizza, among the main foods at the base of the Mediterranean diet. A recipe tailored to the specific needs of the daPino pizzeria-restaurants, the ideal solution for the processing and long leavening of pizza dough.

A flour that meets the growing demand for quality and food safety of today’s consumers, increasingly attentive to the benefits of a healthy, conscious, and sustainable diet.

So here is that the authentic taste of lightness by daPino is reconfirmed through a precious gift by the earth that is carefully selected for a natural and sustainable diet. Because for daPino the magic of taste, originates from the essential, just like flour, together with high quality water and oil: simple but decisive ingredients to fully satisfy the pleasure of the Table.

FarinaPino (Pino’s Flour) from a 100% Italian supply chain: traceable, safe and sustainable.


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